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Connect. Communicate. Collaborate

Lead your business with the right connections once a deep professional relationship is established.

Connect, Communicate & Collaborate

The trust makes each member refer to another member and helping in increasing sales by using the B2B business network. LIKES provides a networking platform for great & like-minded people on the professional front to connect, collaborate & associate. Accelerate your business growth by connecting the business community by accessing the LIKES networking platform. Let us begin the journey toward growth.

Who can network?

All professionals come to make relevant contributes to the growth of business & startup ecosystem along with individuals & organization who is looking to grow & learn in this amazing environment



Small /Medium Organisations








Domain Experts

Business Leaders


Service Providers

How members can benefit from network

Remote Engagement

Sharing insight & expertise in the platform to help people understand different perspectives of business.

Speaker & Panel Sessions

Share your story and experience as a keynote speaker or share knowledge in panel discussions.

Partnering & Collaborations

Associating & collaborating with professionals and organisations on projects getting mutually benifited.

Service Providers

Organisations/Individuals can list their services to attract professionals and organizations who are in need of reliable business services.

Business Requirement

Professionals seeking best services for their business growth can select top-quality verified service providers.

Providing Mentoring & Guidance

Earn money by sharing your insights & valuable industrial experience on an hourly basis. Mentors & subject matter experts can apply for being faculty.

Be a Part of strong Community

Building a platform for connecting all integral members of the ecosystem who seeks secured solutions to their business needs. & who provides these potential solutions. Evolve and grow with the support of the LIKE Aggregate platform

The power of Networking ABCDE THEORY

Access the large network

LIKES build a peer network that aims to satisfy business goals for all the section of the business ecosystem. Members can discover and securely access business opportunities that match their needs from anywhere in the world.

Build Reputation

It builds credibility & trust among Professionals, Startups, Entrepreneurs, Organizations, Corporates & Enterprises. Business ethics to a extend is maintained as members need to maintain their professional etiquette in the business environment.

Collaborate & Associate

Collaborating with these business networks & associating with organizations help to figure a lot of opportunities in the industry. On associating the best of every member comes out contributing towards the community making interdependent system.

Develop & establish strong bond

Lead your business with the right connections once a deep professional relationship is established.The trust makes each member refer to another member and helping in increasing  sales by using the  B2B business network.

Engage in Consultation

Expand your business and create channels to get benefitted out the community. Engage with the clients to close the deals along with building a long-term relationship thereby securing their own business. Acquire, sell or merge your business on an amazing network.