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Explore opportunities with LIKES helping you to connect with domain experts & mentors to address your concerns ,problems which you are worried for your business.

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How to apply

Follow the steps to fill the application process.

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Benefits of being LIKES Member

Connect to

Connect to entire professional network

Access the power of networking & expand your connection

Interact with

Interact with professionals for business

Utilise the business opportunity Enlist your business & also access get reliable services.

Save time

Save time Focus on Business

Build & scale your business with the right platform through Upskilling,Networking & business solutions.

Who are eligible to become members

Business leaders, CXOs, Startup Mentors, Startups, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Leadership Coaches, Organizations, Corporates, and Enterprises are eligible to become the member of LIKES community

Organisation generating revenue

Verified organization that provides quality & reliable services. Also needs to be revenue-generating firms.

Decision makers /Business Leaders

Professionals/CXO’s /Decision makers /Top management executives who professional background is great are eligible to become members

Clearance & Approval

The members need to be vetted & cleared by our team of legal experts. Any clash of interest will lead to disqualification of the application.