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LIKES helps you to connect you to domain experts & mentors to address your concerns, problems which you are worried about for your business. Our experts help you to eliminate the hurdles in your business thereby supporting you to built and scale your venture through the right mentoring. 

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Who can apply to be a mentor?

Have you been an expert in your respective domain in the industry? Share your insights & provide your services to startups & startups for building & scaling their ventures.


The faculty must have a demonstrable expertise in their particular domain or specialization in the specific segment educating the learners who seek guidance.

Business leaders

Leaders & Senior Professionals who enhance your knowledge to grow & scale business with their knowledge acquired over the years from the industry

Startup mentors

Professionals with superior knowledge in building & scaling businesses & startup ecosystems to empower the budding entrepreneurs to choose the appropriate path.

Be the ecosystem enhancers

We can help you by connecting with curated experts who have solved LIKES helps professionals/startups/ entrepreneurs by connecting to domain experts by solving the challenges Our experts have quite a background experience in this area working with entrepreneurs/starups & business owners.. Mentoring & guiding professionals help them to make right decision eventually leading to business growth

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LIKES helps you to connect you to domain experts & mentors to address your concerns,problems which you are worried for your business .Our experts helps you through the following programs

Startup mentors

Talk to experts


Listen to Specialists

Long term

Grow by Mentors

The expert pool

Check out the wide range of hand-picked subject matter experts who can support you with a tailored process for your business needs. These amazing specialists could mentor you with their enhanced and practical experience which gathered over years to solve critical problems and challenges you face while setting your business goals. Our panel of experts helps you to assess problems critically and guide you to make decisions to overcome your entrepreneurship, startup & organizational hurdles.

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