Our Corporate training program refers to a workplace training designed to upskill the employees. A corporate organization needs a great team and to be a part of a great team, we train you. We analyse your fortes and enhance it with improving your dormant set of skills. LIKES helps to upskill you to work better and more efficiently in the corporate world. We help you understand and deal with the competition and the stress that comes along.



Empower your employee with high impactful industry trendy courses.

Corporate Training

Engaging and encouraging your employees to maintain corporate etiquettes.


Evaluating the employers productivity with assessment tools

enterprise ready platform

Get the best resources on board with upskill training


Corporate skills include a person’s personality and behavioural traits that helps the individual and the organization to work with better efficiency and productivity. Skills like excellent team work, leadership skills, communication skills, etc can make an enormous difference in the company’s turnover and the individual’s both personal and professional growth.


Helps employees to adapt better in work culture.


Develops team gelling and leadership qualities


Upskills the management skills of CXO's and organisational heads


Enhance your conflict resolving skills with better strategic approach


Creates a corporate standard that attracts your targeted audiences.


Increase efficiency with minimum flaws inturn increasing productivity of the entire system

Our process


We analyse your dormant qualities via SWOT analysis and then customise our training solutions to find the best for you.


We design the modules in accordance to your SWOT results and handpick the necessary training required.


We develop the course in such a way that it fulfills your upskilling process and helps you excel in your respective field.


The courses finalised would be then implemented and the training takes place. We give you the best solutions as per your needs.


After the implementation, we check in your response and results for the same so we can improvise or finalise the method.

Benefits of likes

Adapting to the change in environment is a quintessential quality for an efficient employee. It is very much relevant and beneficial for the business that the employees adjust and gel well with the work culture and the team all together. 

Investing in the training of the employees can extensively decrease the loss of capital in firing and hiring another individual. The corporate training helps to mould the employees into their best version.

Investing in the employees can help you gain their trust and loyalty which in turn can be extremely beneficial for the business as well the employees. Employee satisfaction can highly enhance efficiency and productivity.

Trained employees will have a better understanding in dealing with the customers hence the customer satisfaction increases leading to a better reputation of the firm.

Creating a learning journey

Get us on board to drive employee engagement for creating an amazing workspace ecosystem. Train and upskill your workforce to be productive so as to generate revenue for the organizations, eventually leading to scale-up.


Looking for industrially trained candidates for recruitment in your company. Get connected to hire the best in the industry for empowering your organization. The training can help people to blend in well and upskill their other dormant skills. Contact us for hiring skilled resources.

Access Reliable Business Services

The biggest hurdle for Corporates & organizations is getting the realible and quality business solution to meet the corporate/enterprise needs. LIKES platform provides services from a pool of verified and trustworthy business solution providers who have established a reputation in the industry with the quality of the work they deliver. Connect us for your specific business ask.

LIKES For Incubations

Startup Ecosystem Support

Looking for startup mentors and subject matter experts to train and guide budding entrepreneurs/startups. Need of service support to strengthen the startup culture? interested in looking to collaborate with other incubations and startup ecosystems for empowering. LIKES is the platform that helps you to meet all your above-said requirements. Contact us for collaborations, mentorship, and business service supports.