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Business solution of reliable & verified quality services helps organizations/enterprises to empower & expand their market. Getting the right solution fix a major hurdle in helping enterprise achieve their business visions.

Getting quality service /products with choices & affordability is again a tedious one. In order to get the best services startups/organizations & enterprises are constantly exploring different business opportunities in different industry sectors expand their global network for reliable & quality business solutions.

Marketing - The Art of Engaging Business

Check out the various domains & sectors on which we provide marketing & branding-related services.


Looking for high impact creating branding agencies in India that marks an impressions in heart of mind of the targeted audience through the visual identity & brand positioning.Nurture your brand through appealing business & marketing collaterals


Need a fresh look with your social media & marketing Collaterals .Check out the best graphical designing & logo creating agencies who would bring an impactful difference in visual appearance of your online/offline presence .


Need of conveying & communicating through animated videos that explains your idea, product or service to the world. Struggling down to break down complicated ideas,- We help you connect to best videography services that will attract, educate and convert the audience into your customers.

Strategic Marketing

Seeking the service of Marketing agencies in India, that specialise in Strategic Marketing that helps you figure out effective marketing strategies which on implementation helps in lead generation thereby building the venture strong & also help to scale up.

Digital Marketing

Searching for the best Digital marketing agencies in India that will build you irresistible digital brand for you ??Check for amazing Social media marketing services widens the range of the audience hence increases the awareness of your business in turn increases the sales.


To attract the targeted customer, the right PR strategy is the key.LIKES helps you to connect to best PR Agency in India that will position your place standing out from the crowd. Connect to get featured in major news portal, and for press release for launch of your product.

Business enlisting:

Are you an organization or startup providing reliable service supports to your customers? Seeking support to make your services known to corporates/enterprises. Apply to us to be enlisted in the platform. Once our legal team verifies your background, your services can be enlisted with us.

IT Solutions - Strengthening business digitally

Check out the pool of vendors/business service providers offering reliable IT-related businesses.

Web development agency

Designing an engaging and comprehensive website is quite critical factor for successful operation of your business.Are you in search of web development agencies in India that develop projects of international standards ,offer tailor-made/customised websites,/e-commerce websites /Informative websites /Membership websites .

Web maintenance services

Troubled with Technical glitches ??Needs content update in your website, bug fixing, critical security updates ,SSL certifications, modular upgradation, installation to version upgrades.Connect for getting your website run efficiently & smoothly saving your time & hiring a professional for the same for high pay.

ERP services

Need of top-quality ERP applications for small to mid-sized enterprises. Check out the best companies in India that offer fully customisable solutions along with complete automation of your business. Connect for Inventory Management, Contract Management, Manpower Management, Payroll Management, Sales Orders.

Mobile /web application

Looking for perfect apps who gives you a business identity .Check out for high performance enterprise mobile apps in Android and iOS which has designs smooth and seamless mobile applications built across customer requirements delivering scalable, robust, and elegant apps for iPhone and iPads that delights users in terms of performance and design.

Hosting Services

Want to connect to best hosting providers in the industry. Be it small, medium or large websites that you're hosting, they will take care of all your hosting requirements They support almost all tech stack and provide seamless hosting and migration and data protection, uptime and security.Our partners are capable to host your data in 45 plus location with 100% uptime.


Get access to quality & accessible business services that you can customize according to your needs for your business growth & scale up. The agencies or organizations are been verified & their credentials are checked to provide hassle-free services to you. Get the best business solutions for your enterprise/Corporate.

Legal Solutions - Securing your business

Check out the pool of vendors/business service providers offering corporate compliances and other legal services.

Need to connect to attract your targeted audience who are in need of your services .
Connect us to get enlisted among the group of verified & reliable service providers

Finance Solutions - Securing your business

Check out the pool of vendors/business service providers offering corporate compliances and other legal services.

Audit Services

Worried about fines & notices from authorities.Check out the robust audit & risk management services with the financial consultants in India

Tax Planning

Confused what needs to be paid to government without hindering your business growth.Connect to the tax planners to ensure balance your business growth & investment possibilities.

GST Services

Have no idea whether your firm needs GST or not .Difficult in managing GST filings.Connect to the best financial experts across India for your business growth by avoiding penalty & notices.

Budget & MIS

Are you aware of vital elements of business ??Difficult to allocate budget to every segment of business.Looking for proper budgeting & control of budgets through MIS with the best financial consultants in India.

Income Tax filing

Is your business running in loss?? Thinking not to file income tax whether you are an individual or a company .Connect to financial experts for more details who can save you & your money.

Connect,Grow & scale connecting with right community
to avail the best services from the pool of reliable business solution providers.

Consultants - Bridging the industry

Check out the pool of vendors/business service providers offering corporate compliances and other legal services.


Looking for the pioneers in recruitment industry in India. Check out the HR consultancies that has a unique approach to recruitment along with providing a range of talent acquisition services by leveraging their domain knowledge built over experience.

Event Planners

Searching for the event planning companies in India who has kept their standards high with their thoughtful, stage-stealing events leave guests lasting impressions. Connect to best event management companies who has the best ideas making beautiful memories forever .

Interior Designing Consultants

Need an interior designer  to personalise your home? Check out the pioneers in interior design sector who provide innovative, outstanding Home interiors & Office Interiors as per your taste ...