An aggregator platform that builds relevant connections between professionals, startups, organizations & enterprises to accelerate their growth by networking, upskilling & providing business solutions needs. Owing to the evolving industry dynamics & high competition for growth. LIKES definitely opens a huge connecting platform benefitting everyone in the ecosystem. The entire framework is built on the present market scenario













What do we offer

Explore the various opportunities to built and scale business by associating with us

Upskilling/Re-skilling Platform

Transform Talents into

Upskilling allows employees of the organization to fill the gap of new-age skills making them more productive. In addition to this, it helps professionals graduates be hireable as getting qualified for the corporate world. Corporates & Enterprises provide re-skilling to their employees as an asset to the venture.

Networking/Connecting Platform

Connect, Build & Grow your

Networking helps entrepreneurs /startups/professionals to lead business or provide solutions with the right connections mutually benefitting the ecosystem. It also helps organizations to resort to better choices with a wide spectrum of qualified professionals/service solutions

Business Solution/Service Platform

Access the Standard

Business solution of reliable & verified quality services helps organizations/enterprises to empower & expand their market. Getting the right solution fix a major hurdle in helping enterprise achieve their business visions.

Who can be the members

Accelerate your growth by Strategic partnership & Associations. Blend in the ecosystem, being the takers & receivers who together make this journey beautiful by getting mutually benefited through the platform.


Figure the opportunities to grow your market & expand into the ecosystem by aligning with service supports & domain experts to aim enterprises for providing the best, reliable & quality business solutions

Professionals /Graduates

Setting your professional portfolio and position them in the ecosystem by taking mentoring /guidance from subject specialists for getting hired . On the other hand, providing your professional expertise to earn revenue

Corporates /Enterprise

Corporates can seek the best & affordable service solution from the wide choices of business solution providers along with upskilling their employees to contribute towards the enterprice.


Helping Incubators to strengthen their ecosystem by connecting to service providers & business leaders. The startup culture could have the right direction with the large support system which the platform provides.

Women Entrepreneurs

Empowering aspiring women entrepreneurs and women who had career breaks to achieve their professional goals through upskilling & mentoring. We provide accelerator programs exclusively for women.

Our Products

Business solution

Upskilling service

Membership service

Consultancy service

How to be part of the community

Discover the wide opportunities to learn, connect & grow in this professional ecosystem



Fill the application where our team would vet your professional profile. On curation & approval, a confirmation would be sent.



Meet the relevant connections as per your professional needs. Explore the various categories & establish a professional relationship



Build credentials & provide services to generate revenue & scale up your growth. Work on offering business solutions around customer ask.

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Get introduced to experts

Connects to Mentors, Coaches & Domain experts who can professionally help all the members of the startup & business ecosystem to set their business goals.

Startup Mentors

Guide & supports startups/Entrepreneurs with their tremendous experience in the industry.

Business Coaches

Coached CXO’S & Management /Employees of Corporates & Enterprises to upskill them.

Subject Specialists

Build startups & train professionals with technical skills in their area of expertise acquired over years of experience.

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Building a platform connecting all integral members of the ecosystem who seeks secured solutions to the business needs. & who provides potential solutions. Evolve and grow with the support of the LIKE Aggregate platform